A Descriptive and Comparative Grammar of Andalusi Arabic - download pdf or read online

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By University of Zaragoza

ISBN-10: 9004227423

ISBN-13: 9789004227422

Outfitted at the scarce, yet no longer insignificant surviving fabrics of Andalusi Arabic, this paintings presents a synchronic descriptive survey as entire as attainable of its uncomplicated grammar and lexicon, plus a few diachronic comparative comments, permitting the reader to procure a close to actual photo of this subject-matter.

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Ybarrát barrát = barrád “to hail” ˙˙ vs. niberréd berrétt = barrád “to cool”, from {brd}, and nibaxxár baxxárt = baˇssˇ ár “to announce glad tidings” vs. nibexxér bexxért = baˇssˇ ár “to brandish (a weapon)”, from {bˇsr}, xárib = sˇ árib “drinker” vs. xírib = sˇ Írib “moustache”, ˙ from {ˇsrb}, etc. That feature would explain the absence of im¯alah in Alc. yráda = iráda or morád = murád “desire”, harrác˙ = harrát “ploughman”, etc. 11. 1 Rhotacism of AA /l/ is common place in Rm. , Cs. argolla, Pt.

For Granadan items of Lt. , apríl “April”, and píx “penis”), at times even implying the presence of minimal pairs, like quibáb “chapels” vs. , Cs. alcaparra “caper” < AA qapár < Lt. capp˘aris, Cs. alpatana “utensil” < AA alpatána < ˙ Gk. patán¯e “dish”, and alpargata, from the AA pl. , Alc. , in the late borrowings of Alc. infra-correct cabarçón “saddle cover”, < Cs. caparazón, vs. the ultra-correct lapát “priest”, < Cs. el abad). , Alc. lapát “priest” pl. lapápit, cáppa “cloak” pl. quipáp, and cappón “capon” pl.

Pise ar¯o “bean coction”, after Corriente 1997d: 77, reflected in Eg. Arabic as bis¯ara or bus¯ara, and in Mo. as b¯es¯ara, a dish incidentally to which a mistaken Iranian origin ˙ ˙ I 370. 3. 33 However, there is a variant zabalmedina, and the /b/ is also retained in A çabalaquen, Cs. zabazala, zabazoque and A zabecequia with the same first constituent (see Corriente 2008c: 468). 31 consonantism 11 “opening”, for SA furˇgah; cf. also loanwords like Old Cs. azoraba “giraffe”, for zur¯afah, Old Pt.

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