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By Majid Fakhry

ISBN-10: 0231132212

ISBN-13: 9780231132213

The 1st complete survey of Islamic philosophy from the 7th century to the current, this vintage discusses Islamic proposal and its impression at the cultural points of Muslim lifestyles. Fakhry indicates how Islamic philosophy has from the earliest instances a particular line of improvement, which provides it the team spirit and continuity which are the marks of the good highbrow hobbies of background. (Fall 2006)

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231). , pp. 27 f. (Henry, p. 231). 96 Badawi, Plotinus apud Arabes, pp. 38 f. (Henry, pp. ). 97 He refers disparagingly to those who support this view as the materialists or corporealists. The Soul, he argues, cannot reasonably be identified with the harmony which belongs to the body, since it is the principle or cause of such harmony itself. ~)~! Even the view that the Soul is an actuality (or entelecheia) of the body, which is advanced by the "more notable among the philosophers,"99 must be carefully examined.

Yazid (d. 7o4),n the Umayyad prince who turned to the study of alchemy for consolation when his claims to the caliphate were thwarted. Various poems and treatises ascribed to him have come down to us, but it is impossible to determine their authenticity or the debt of their alleged author to his Greek or other foreign sourceS. 12 A more reliable tradition attributes to the Jewish physician Masarjawaih (Marsarjuis) the Arabic translation of the medical compendium (Syriac: kunniish) of the Alexandrian Monophysite physician Aaron, during the reign of the Umayyad caliph Marwan (683-685).

Some of these centers were still flourishing when the Arab armies marched into Syria and Iraq. The study of Greek had been cultivated chiefly as a means of giving the Syriac-speaking scholars of those venerable institutions access to Greek theological texts emanating chiefly from Alexandria. At the same time numerous theological treatises were translated into Syriac, notably Eusebius' Ecclesiastical History, the Recognitiones, attributed to St. Clement of Alexandria, the Theophany of Eusebius, the Discourses of Titus of Bostra against the Manichaeans, and the works of Theodore of Mopseustia and Diodorus of Tarsus.

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