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By Graham E. Fuller

ISBN-10: 031604119X

ISBN-13: 9780316041195

What if Islam by no means existed? to a couple, it is a comforting concept: no conflict of civilizations, no holy wars, no terrorists.

But what if that were not the case in any respect? In an international with no ISLAM, Graham E. Fuller publications us alongside an illuminating trip via background, geopolitics, and faith to enquire even if Islam is certainly the reason for a few of cutting-edge so much emotional and significant foreign crises. Fuller takes us from the delivery of Islam to the autumn of Rome to the increase and cave in of the Ottoman Empire. He examines and analyzes the roots of terrorism, the clash in Israel, and the function of Islam in helping and energizing the anti-imperial fight. Provocatively, he unearths that opposite to the claims of many politicians, thinkers, theologians, and squaddies, an international with no Islam would possibly not glance greatly varied from what we all know today.

Filled with interesting information and counterintuitive conclusions, an international with out ISLAM is bound to encourage debate and reshape the best way we predict approximately Islam's courting with the West.

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The Persians even moved in for a period. Farther north, up along the Red Sea coast (Hijaz), lay the city of Mecca, one of the most important cities of Arabia, with a history going back some four thousand years. There is little historical mention of Mecca in ancient histories up to the time of the Prophet Muhammad, at least in external sources. Yet it had become a major commercial entrepôt along the Red Sea trade route to Syria. Major Jewish communities existed in several key cities of the Hijaz, especially Medina.

The true Messiah would also usher in an era of world peace when hatred and oppression will cease to exist—which did not happen. The Old Testament expected the Messiah to fulfill these revelations immediately and not after a “Second Coming,” to which there is no reference in the Old Testament. Jews also did not accept the idea that mankind can be saved through the sacrifice of Jesus, or by anyone else, but only through righteous living, as prescribed by Jewish Law. Judaism furthermore castigates Jesus as having taken Jewish monotheism and corrupted it, dividing Jews against themselves and weakening Judaism.

Not surprisingly, they also repudiate the idea that the Old Testament and New Testament messages can in any way be “updated” by Muhammad. Muhammad is treated in much Christian literature over the ages as a heretic, even a devil, including being cast into one of the lowest circles of Hell in Dante’s Inferno. ) THUS, THE RELATIONSHIPS among all three of the Abrahamic faiths are complex and striking: they parallel each other in many respects, contradict each other in yet others. Nonetheless, Islam represents a powerful new phase in the continuity of the monotheistic tradition in the Middle East.

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