Alvin Martin's American Realism - Twentieth-Century Drawings and PDF

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By Alvin Martin

E-book through Alvin Martin

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Symbolism became international by the late 1880s, and by the 1890s it was influencing the arts throughout Europe and the United States. This style was characterized by sinuous shapes and moody colors and textures, used to evoke dreamlike images of erotic fantasy or profound despair. Gauguin and Van Gogh combined Impressionist brushwork, vivid color, and bold, flat pattern with the earlier Symbolist vocabulary, which had a profound impact on the movement's later generations. Symbolism represented an upwelling of the Romantic spirit, which remained a powerful undercurrent in both nineteenth- and twentiethIn the late 1880s — century avant-garde 51.

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American Realism - Twentieth-Century Drawings and Watercolors by Alvin Martin

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