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Great advances in desktop applied sciences and techniques have brought on an outstanding call for for refinements within the constitutive versions of plasticity. Such refinements comprise the advance of a version that will account for fabric anisotropy and produces effects that examine good with experimental info.

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Die Immunologie fließt in zahlreiche medizinische Fachgebiete ein. Hierzu zählen beispielsweise Transplantation, Tumorabwehr, chronische Entzündung und Autoimmunität. Als Auszug aus dem Lehrbuch "Medizinische Mikrobiologie und Infektiologie" liefert das Basiswissen Immunologie eine ideale Grundlage für ein fächerübergreifendes Verständnis.

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1980. Murine T cell differentiation and antigens detected by monoclonal antibodies. In Monoclonal Antibodies, pp. 235–49. New York: Plenum Goding JW, Herzenberg LA. 1980. Biosynthesis of lymphocyte surface IgD in the mouse. J. Immunol. 124:2540–47 Howard FD, Ledbetter JA, Wong J, Bieber CP, Stinson EB, Herzenberg LA. 1981. A human T lymphocyte differentiation marker defined by monoclonal antibodies that block E-rosette formation. J. Immunol. 126:2117–22 Lanier LL, Warner NL, Ledbetter JA, Herzenberg LA.

Org by HINARI on 09/01/07. For personal use only. DC-SIGN: A RECEPTOR TO ALLOW VIRAL DISSEMINATION In contrast to CD4, DC-SIGN does not function as a classical HIV-1 entry receptor (80) but acts as an HIV-1 transreceptor that binds HIV-1 and transmits the virus very efficiently to neighboring permissive target cells (80). The presence of DC-SIGN+ DCs in mucosal tissues and DC-SIGN+ DC precursors in blood that efficiently transmit HIV-1 to T cells (98) makes DC-SIGN a candidate to be a key molecule in HIV-1 dissemination both after sexual transmission and through blood contamination (99, 100).

Sgm LaTeX2e(2002/01/18) P1: IKH Annu. Rev. Immunol. 22:33-54. org by HINARI on 09/01/07. For personal use only. ANTIGEN RECOGNITION BY C-TYPE LECTINS ON DC 41 which add or remove specific carbohydrate residues, respectively. The expression of a large variety of these enzymes is tightly regulated during the differentiation and activation of leukocytes and by specific cytokines. Because specific carbohydrate structures dictate the specificity of the interaction with certain CLRs, the impact of altered glycosylation of a given glycoprotein can change the recognition by CLRs and subsequently alter cell-cell interactions (77).

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