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Catalytic domains are emphasizedby the thick outlines, and the twofold rotational axis indicated by the vertical line. B. A side view of the symmetrical model for C1 shows Clq (unshaded) and the tetramer symmetrically located amongthe collagenous arms of Clq. According to the model, most of the C I r2 is located inside the cone, but the interaction domainsprotrude to connect with the interaction domains of Cls. The terminal CIs subcomponents are wrapped around the outside of the cone. The twofold axis of the tetramer coincides with the sixfold axis of Clq and is indicated by the vertical line.

Acta 700:118-26 36. Carter, P. , Fothergill, J. E. 1983. The serine proteinase chain of humancomplement component C]7~. Biochem. J. 215:565-71 37. , Porter, R. , Sim, R. B. 1976. The unactivated form of the first component of humancomplement, C 1. Biochem. J. 157 : 541-48 38. Arlaud, G. , Colomb,M. G. 1977. Proenzymic Cls associated with catalytic amounts of Clr. Study of the activation kinetics. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 487 : 227--35 39. , Stroud, R. M. 1974. The activation of Cls with purified Clr.

Lowe, D. , Porter, R. R. 1972. Isolation and characterization of Clq, a subcomponent of the first component of complement, from humanand rabbit sera. Biochem. J. 130:749-63 17. Schumaker, V. , Calcott, M. , Spiegelberg, H. , Muller-Eberhard, H. J. 1976. Ultracentrifuge studies of the binding of IgG of different subclasses to the Clq subunit of the first component of complement. Biochemistry 15:5175-81 18. Liberti, P. , Paul, S. M. 1978. Gross conformation of Clq: A subcomponent of the first componentof complement.

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